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Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon was born November 3, 1841, at Oxford, Massachusetts. He received his preparatory education at Thetford Academy, Vermont, and entered college at the commencement of Freshman year, August 24, 1860

He left us during the Spring term of Freshman year, at the very beginning of the war, and enlisted as a private in the Third Battalion, Massachusetts Rifles, General Charles Devens commanding, and remained for the term of service, three months. He then reenlisted as a private in the Fifteenth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers. In a short time, he received a commission as Second Lieutenant in the One Hundred and Second Regiment, New York Volunteers, his friends having procured it for him from the Governor of New York, as Governor John A. Andrew, of Massachusetts, could not conscientiously commission him from that State, having already commissioned two of his brothers, and deemed it unjust to commission three from one family, when there were so many other deserving applicants, both in the field and at home.
While serving as Second Lieutenant in the One Hundred and Second New York Regiment, he was instantly killed by a bullet through his heart, at the battle of Chancellorsville, on Sunday, May 3, 1863. His body was not recovered, though every effort possible was made by his two brothers, both then in the Service. 

The youngest brother was afterward killed in the same manner, and his body was recovered and brought home and buried. A monument to the memory of the two brave young officers was erected in Rural Cemetery, at Worcester, Massachusetts, bearing the dates of birth and death on the side, and at its base the inscription "Par nobile fratrum."

Source:  "Memorialia of the Class of '64 in Dartmouth College" compiled by John C. Webster, Shepard & Johnston, Printers, 1884, Chicago 

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