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John H. Albin

John Henry Albin, son of John and Emily (White) Albin, was born October 17, 1843, at West Randolph, Vermont. He received the foundation of his education at the High School in Concord, New Hampshire, and entered college at the beginning of the Fall term, August 24, 1860. 

Immediately after his graduation, he entered the law office of Hon. Ira A. Eastman, at Concord, New Hampshire, where he pursued his legal studies continuously until October, 1867, at which time he was admitted to the bar as an attorney in all the courts of New Hampshire. In April, 1868, he became a partner of Hon. Ira A. Eastman, tinder the firm name of Eastman & Albin. On December 1, 1868, Samuel B. Page, Esq., of Warren, New Hampshire, removed to Concord, and became a member of the firm, under the title of Eastman, Page & Albin, and so continued until September 1, 1874. The firm was a leading one, and did as large a legal business as any in the state. At the date last named, he withdrew from the firm, and associated himself with Hon. Mason W. Tappan, the firm name being Tappan & Albin, and has continued the relation up to the present time, with the exception of a short time during which Mr. Tappan was prevented under the statute from practicing his profession, by reason of his holding the position of Attorney General of the State of New Hampshire. After a time, the statute was repealed, and the partnership was renewed. They have been very successful in practice.
He was elected as Representative to the New Hampshire Legislature from the city of Concord for the years 1872-2. In 1872 he was a member of the Judiciary Committee, and in 1873 he was chairman of the Committee on Railroads.

In 1875 he took up his residence in Henniker, New Hampshire, but continued his business in Concord. In 1876 he was again elected to the Legislature, as Representative from Henniker. During this session, he served upon the Judiciary Committee, and was also chairman of several important special committees. 

He has also devoted much time to Odd-Fellowship. He has held all of the official positions in the Grand Lodge of the Jurisdiction, and was elected Grand Master thereof at its annual session in 1879.

 In September, 1881, he represented the Grand Lodge in the Sovereign Grand Lodge, at its session in Cincinnati, Ohio, and also at its session held at Baltimore, Maryland, in September, 1882.

In his religious faith, he is an Episcopalian. In politics, he is a Republican.

He was married September 5, 1872 to Miss Georgie A. Modica, of Henniker, New Hampshire. They have two children: Henry A., born February 5, 1875, and Edith G., born August 5, 1875.

Source:  "Memorialia of the Class of '64 in Dartmouth College" compiled by John C. Webster, Shepard & Johnston, Printers, 1884, Chicago 

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