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William H. Holcomb

William H. Holcomb, Deputy-Sheriff and member of the Board of Education, was born in Washington County, Iowa, November 19,1856, being the youngest of five children, all of whom are living. In 1874 he was sent by his parents to Colorado to make his residence among relatives, and there received his education, and for that purpose attended the State School of Mines in Colorado, the State Agricultural College, and the University at Denver. In the year 1880 he returned to Iowa, took a course at the Short-hand Institute in connection with the State University at Iowa City, and became a master of that art, and on again turning his face to the west he arrived at Denver and began the study of law in connection with his duties as short-hand reporter, but later moved to California, arriving at San Francisco in 1885, and was there employed as a short-hand writer in a responsible position. He came south in 1886, under the excitement of the land boom in San Diego, and being cautious in his speculations he made for himself a pleasant home at Coronado. On his arrival. at San Diego he immediately entered the office of Judge Luce in the capacity of clerk, but the same year was appointed clerk of the Superior Court, which position he held for two and one-half years. January 1, 1889, he received the appointment of deputy sheriff, and at the time of the city election for officers under the new city charter. In May, 1889, he was elected a member of the board of education from the third ward.

Mr. Holcomb inherits the literary traits of his father, O. M. Holcomb, of Ohio, who has given a life-time to editorial work, and the subject of our present sketch devoted much of his leisure time to literary work.

Mr. Holcomb was married at San Francisco, March, 1885, to Mrs. Mary Jane Buchanan, a native of Wisconsin and a lineal descendant of William Roberts, a celebrated Welsh musician. They have one daughter.

Mr. Holcomb is a member of the Knights of Pythias and is a charter member of the tribe of Improved Order of Red Men at San Diego.

Source: An Illustrated History of Southern California; pub. Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1890.

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