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W. J. Haslam

W. J. Haslam, son of William Haslam, one of the wide-awake, industrious farmers of Pleasant Valley, was raised and educated in Missouri, and for eighteen years he was engaged in that State in farming and stock-raising., In 1885 he came to Pleasant Valley and took from the Government a 160 acre ranch. He has built a brick house and a good barn, has planted trees of different kinds, all doing well, and is doing diversified farming, raising grain, hay, horses, mules and cattle. He has twenty head of. horses and mules, and thirty head of young cattle. He has a fine two year-old Norman-Percheron colt, and an enormous young jack of great value for breeding purposes. Mr. Haslam is working hard and doing well, and his place has the appearance of enterprise and thrift. He has also a prosperous apiary of sixty stands of bees.

He was married January 1, 1876, to Annice Fast, from Illinois. They have eight children, viz.: William Byron, James Russell, Winslow Grey, John Jay, Myrtle Viola, Mable Clare, Maud Eva and Roy Chester. The first five were horn in Missouri and the others in Pleasant valley. Mr. Haslam is a temperance man and politically has favored the Greenback side of the question.

Source: An Illustrated History of Southern California; pub. Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1890.

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