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John F. Scott

John Fraseur Scott was born May 14, 1841, at Elgin, Illinois. He received his preparatory training at Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, New Hampshire, and entered college at the beginning of the Fall term, August 24, 1860. He left us before the close of Freshman year, and returned to his home, at Elgin, Illinois. He afterward went to Corinth, Mississippi, for a short time, but returned to Elgin and enlisted as a private in the Thirty-sixth Regiment, Illinois Infantry, on August 1, 1862. He participated in many small engagements, and also in the battles of Perryville and Murfreesborough, Tennessee. At the battle of Stone River, on December 31, 1862, he was taken prisoner, and conveyed with others in stock cars to Richmond, Virginia. They were sixteen days on the road, without rations, and upon their arrival at Richmond, he was confined in Castle Thunder, and afterward in Libby prison. 

After his release from prison, and discharge from the army, he engaged in the grocery business, at Galesburg, Illinois, but suffered the loss of his stock of goods by fire, and did not again resume business.

He then commenced the study of medicine with H. K. Whitford, M.D., of Elgin, Illinois, and graduated February 11, 1868, at the Eclectic Medical College in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1869 he commenced the practice of his profession, at Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois, where his residence is at the present time.

He contracted a chronic illness while in the army, and has been unable to devote himself wholly to his profession, but has engaged somewhat in mercantile pursuits,  and is not in active practice at present.

He owns a fine farm on the Sny bottom, fifteen miles from Pittsfield, but does not manage it himself.

His religious preference is for the Disciples of Christ church. In politics, he is an Anti-monopolist.

He was married September 1, 1864, to Miss Mary J. Pike, of Galesburg, Illinois.

They have three children: Fannie E., born May 31, 1868; John Rosencrans, born April 18, 1870, and Dan Pike, born July 25, 1873.

Source:  "Memorialia of the Class of '64 in Dartmouth College" compiled by John C. Webster, Shepard & Johnston, Printers, 1884, Chicago 

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