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Herbert Clark Hoover

Hoover, Herbert Clark. Mining eng'r; b. West Branch, Iowa, 1874; s. Jesse Theodore and Hulda (Minthorn) Hoover, ed. public schs., Iowa and Oregon; Stanford Univ., Calif., B.A., 1895. Dep't of Mining Eng'ring ; m. 1899, Lou, d. Charles D. Henry, Monterey, Calif. Ass't Ark. Geol. Survey, 1893 ; U. S. Geol Survey on geological work in Sierra Nevada Mountains, 1895; ass't mg'r Carlisle Mines, New Mexico, and Morning Star Mines, Calif., 1896; in West Australia as chief mining staff. Bewick, Moreing Co., 1897; mg'r Hannan's Brownhill Mine, Sons of Gwalia and East Murchison Mines, 1898;

Chief eng'r of Chinese Imperial Bureau of Mines, doing extensive exploration in interior of China, 1899. Bureau ended by Boxer disturbances, Mr. Hoover and staff being among those besieged at Tientsin and taking part in defense of settlement; representative of bondholders in construction Ching Wang Tow Harbor, and Oriental Syndicate, in China, 1900; gen. mg'r Chinese Eng'ring & Mining Co., operating coal mines, steamship lines, canals, railways, etc., 1901; partner Bewick, Moreing & Co., mine operators, London, operating 40 to 50 mines in Australia, China, Africa, New Zealand, Burma, etc., 1902-1908; since 1908 chairman or corp. dir. Chinese Eng'ring & Mining Co., Ltd., Zinc Corp'n, Ltd. ; Burma Corp'n, Ltd.; Kyshtim Corp'n, Ltd. ; Tanaby Corp'n, Ltd.; Camp Bend, Ltd.; 

Santa Gertrudio, Ltd.; Messina Copper Co., Ltd.; Intercontinental Trust Co., Ltd.; Lake View & Oroya Exploration Co., Ltd.; Granville Mining Co., Ltd.; Russo-Asiatic Corp'n, Ltd., etc. Mein. Am. Inst. M. E. Mining & Metallurgical Soc. of America, Soc. Ing. Civils de France, Soc. Beige des Ingenieurs, A. I. Civil Eng'rs, Nat. Geog. Soc.; fellow Royal Geog. Soc. Trustee Leland Stanford Univ.; chairman American Relief Committee in London. Has published various papers in proceedings scientific institutes and in technical journals. Joint author: Economica of Mining, Principles of Mining, Translation from Latin of 16th Century of Agrocola's De Re Metallica. Clubs: City, Lawyers (New York), Albermarle, Devonshire, Automobile, Ranelagh, Hurlingham (London), Pacific Union, bohemian Burlingame (San Francisco). Residenses: Red house, Horton St., London; Stanford Univ., California. Addresses: 1 London Wall Bld'g, San Francisco, Calif.

Source:  Builders of Our Nation, Men of 1914 pub. Men of Nineteen-Fourteen, Chicago, Ill. 1915.

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