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Francis L. Quimby

Francis L. Quimby, a Selectman and a thriving farmer of Unity, was born in this town, December 25, 1827, son of Benjamin Quimby (second) and Percis (Gee) Quimby. His grandfather, Benjamin Quimby (first), the first of the family to settle in Unity, was engaged in agriculture here for the rest of his life. The maiden name of the grandfather's wife was Otis. Benjamin Quimby (second), born in Unity in the year 1800, tilled the soil with success during his active years; and his death occurred in the spring of 1859. Percis Gee, his wife, who was a native of Marlow, N.H., became the mother of four children-Milan W., Francis L., Melissa D., and Wilbur B. Milan W., who is a prosperous farmer of Claremont, N.H., married Lucy A. Neal, of Unity. Melissa D., who married Ezra G. Johnson, of Unity, died in 1892. He died in 1896. Wilbur B., who is carrying on a farm in Cornish, N.H., married Lucinda Marshall, of this town. Mrs. Benjamin Quimby (second) died in June, 1870.

Francis L. Quimby was educated in the district schools and at the Milo Academy. At a very early age he began to assist his father upon the farm. Since succeeding to its possession he has managed it ably and with excellent results. Considerably interested in the raising of stock, he has the reputation of having produced many valuable specimens. Politically, he is a Republican; and he has served for four years upon the Board of Selectmen.

On May 22, 1849, he was joined in marriage with Lydia Johnson. She was born in Unity, June 8, 1825, daughter of Amos and Huldah (Green) Johnson, both of whom were natives of Wears, N.H. Amos Johnson settled near the locality in this town called the Quaker City, and there followed the shoemaker's trade, and was engaged in farming until his death, which occurred in 1856. His wife died in 1863. They were the parents of eight children; namely, Moses, Enoch, Hannah, Ezra, Lydia, Almeda, Elmira, and Annie.

Mr. and Mrs. Quimby have six children, as follows: Irving W., Adella L., George E., Lewis J., the Rev. Herbert F., and Emerson A. Irving W. married Josie Reed, of Acworth, N.H., and is engaged in farming in Unity. Adella L. is the wife of John M. Howe, a merchant in Claremont. George E., now in the dry-goods business in Decatur, Ill., married Lillian Davis, of Waltham, Mass. Lewis J., who wedded Martha Dow, of Cornish, N.H., is a grocer in Claremont.

The Rev. Herbert F. Quimby pursued his theological studies in Burlington, Vt., and at Boston, graduating in each place, and is now a Methodist minister in Moultonboro, N.H. He married for his first wife Eva M. Hodgman, of Mason, N.H., and for his second Jennie Elliot, of Reed's Ferry, N.H. Emerson A., who is in the grocery business with his brother in Claremont, married Jennie A. Perry, of North Charlestown, N.H. Mr. Quimby, Sr., has been a member of Unity Grange, No. 230, Patrons of Husbandry, since its organization. Both he and Mrs. Quimby are members of the West Unity Methodist Mrs. Quimby is a teacher in the Sunday-school.

Source: "Biographical Review, Vol. 22, containing life sketches of leading citizens of Merrimack and Sullivan Counties, New Hampshire". B. R. Pub. Co., 1897.

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