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Henry M. Rogers

Henry Martyn Rogers was born October 14, 1837, at Ware, Massachusetts. He received his preparatory training at Monson Academy, Monson, Massachusetts, and entered Dartmouth College at the beginning of the Fall term, August 24, 1860. He left our class in the Winter of 1860-1, and entered Amherst College. Immediately after leaving college, he became Principal of the Academy at Andersonville, Pennsylvania. He remained here for one year, when he entered the  Lutheran Theological Seminary at Selin's Grove, Pennsylvania. A year later, he received and accepted an invitation to preach for the Congregational Church at Dana, Massachusetts. He was subsequently ordained, and installed as pastor of the Congregational Church at Glastonbury, Connecticut, after which he accepted a call to the Congregational Church at Webster, Massachusetts, where he remained until 1876. He then went to Holden, Massachusetts, where he preached as regular supply for the Congregational Church until 1879.  

At this time, his liberal views led him to withdraw from the ministry, although he has  continued to preach occasionally, by request, in different places before liberal churches. Extracts from his sermons, as well as sermons entire, have frequently been published in the newspapers, and also in pamphlet form.

After his withdrawal from the ministry, he commenced the study of law, and was admitted to the bar of Massachusetts, at Worcester, in March, 1883. He immediately opened an office for the practice of his profession at Worcester, Massachusetts, and continues there up to the present.

He has always taken a deep interest in educational matters, and served on School Boards, directing and superintending school affairs in the towns where he has resided.

He established an Educational Bureau at Worcester, in January, 1882, which he is at present conducting. In politics, he has always been a Republican, and has repeatedly been elected delegate to State and other conventions.

He was married December 17, 1862, to Miss Marion F. Browning, of Monson, Massachusetts. They have had four children: Nellie M., born December 12, 1863; Herbert A., born December 30, 1865; Rupert B., born August 29, 1868, and Harry Cutler, born March 27, 1872. Harry Cutler died May 23, 1872.

Source:  "Memorialia of the Class of '64 in Dartmouth College" compiled by John C. Webster, Shepard & Johnston, Printers, 1884, Chicago 

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